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About Us

RiverGlide are change agents, helping you to achieve more, faster, easier through agile coaching for teams and leadership. Our guidance on scaling lean and agile, our hands-on technical mentoring and ability to guide leadership in transformation and innovation culture is optimised for you. We help you to continue to deliver today and evolve continuously to achieve more tomorrow.

We help you:

Wondering who we are

RiverGlide people are some of the most experienced you can find. Our people have been in agile transformation for as long as Agile itself, helping organisations of all sizes innovate in how they work.

Want to know how we work

We help you make a big impact with small changes. We understand that there's no "one size fits all" solution and work within your context to identify small experiments with big systemic positive effect.

Thinking how you'll benefit

We want to understand you, your goals and aspirations. We'll help you discover the benefits that will be unique to you. Sometimes all that's needed is a conversation, so why not get in touch...

I needed to articulate product theory in a way that would bring about change across multiple disciplines. RiverGlide were invaluable in helping me shape the story that is influencing how ITV Online evolves into the future. Lee Marshall Head of Product — ITV Online

3 perspectives for Holistic Agility

True agility is your ability to change direction quickly, with ease; to discover and deliver what your organisation and customers need, faster. We won’t sell "Agile in a Box" with a rigid set of practices & models that hinder process agility. Our approach is holistically tailored to you, to help you achieve more, faster, easier with people, product and process agility.

People Agility

Are your people in fixed, functional roles or can they adapt to take on the role most valuable to their team at that time?

We coach your team-members and leadership to encourage people to exceed the boundaries of a fixed, functional job-role. This allows each team to move forward together, so your people achieve more, faster, easier.

Product Agility

Does it take weeks to add new capabilities to your product or can you have an idea in the morning and see it in production in the afternoon?

We get hands on with your code and continuous delivery pipeline. We improve the internal quality of your product, mentoring your team as we go. New capabilities are added faster, easier.

Process Agility

Do your teams have mandated process, needing approval to change it, or can they choose what works one moment to the next?

We help you evolve an adaptive process that meets your needs. We take your context into account, in a way that off-the-shelf Scrum and SAFe cannot. Process should work for you, not vice versa.

Steady guidance and coaching from RiverGlide made all the difference in taking us from releasing once a quarter followed by frantic bug-fixing, to our present fortnightly high-quality deployments. Douglas Squirrel Former CTO — TIM Group

Our Company Values

Our mission at RiverGlide is to enable and boost the awesomeness of what you do, the ways you do it, the people you do it for and, as a result, the products you create.

We spent a lot of time understanding our values. These aren't the values we aspire to, these are the things we deeply care about. You know you value something when you get a great feeling from experiences that align with your values or a bad feeling when an experience is misaligned. From this, we found what we value and the reasons why...

  • Trust and Transparency – We feel great when we know you trust us through our extreme levels of transparency.
  • Integrity and Courage  – We would be unhappy if we told you what you  wanted to hear  if that was not the same as what you need to know.

  • Innovation and Personal Growth We get a buzz from learning new things, trying whacky ideas and cultivating outside-the-box thinking.
  • Compassion and Empathy – We love what we do when you love what we do. We are as passionate about your people and products as we are about our own.

  • Joy and Creativity – We are inspired by fun and creativity, whether it’s in what we do or what we help you do.

…If these values connect with you, let's have a conversation, we'd love you to get in touch...

RiverGlide helped us discover how we were delivering and started us on the journey to where we wanted to go. They helped us realise how we could realistically lighten our process load. Barry Moses Senior Projects Manager — Sky Player
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